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   Solving information security problems                                  March 2014

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IT Shop Requirements for

Exploiting Biometrics

Biometric Authentication March 10, 2014 — As discussed in our last issue, the Target breach once again raises the idea of biometric authentication as means of improving the protection of corporate data.


Yet for all of its benefits, adoption of biometric authentication within the IT shop has been negligible. I believe that’s due to two primary factors.


    1. The misperception that biometric authentication has a negative impact on privacy (covered in a previous post)

    2. The perceived complexity/lack of technical understanding in the average IT shop, which is today’s topic



Biometrics and SSO

Biometrics and SSOMarch 9, 2014 — You’ll notice that the title of this post is “Biometrics and SSO” — not Biometrics for SSO. This is an important distinction.


Most IT shops don’t realize that they can use standard SSO along with biometric authentication to implement unobtrusive two-factor authentication for accessing servers and server applications — even if they don’t use biometric authentication to control access to the network!


Why would you want to do this? For one thing, you would ensure that the person who logged into the network from a workstation is still the same person sitting there and accessing your server.   



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In A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On, Patrick Botz cuts through the technological complexity of SSO to offer a sensible approach to SSO.



Top Security News


Gartner Believe Big Data Will Transform Cyber Security
Of course Gartner “believes” so much that some of it is bound to come true :-) An interesting take on how “big data” can be used to help detect attacks before they are completed successfully.

Exclusive: Secret Contract Tied NSA and Security Industry Pioneer
There had been rumors that the NSA had agreements with various corporations to add backdoors and weaknesses to hardware and software in order to make it easier for the NSA to snoop. This article says that RSA got $10M from the government to do something nefarious.

Data-Breach Costs Mount for Maricopa Community Colleges
After hackers
accessed a server containing social security numbers in an April, 2013 attack, the 10-college district has already paid $6M and expects the costs to rise to as much as $17.1M. 

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