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Solving information security problems                               March 2018

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Scratch One Bucket List Item!

Knowledge is POWER

February 28, 2018 — While my kids were growing up I always told them that there was nothing more valuable than an education.


Well, in December I earned a Master's degree in (of course!) Cyber Security Organization and Leadership at the University of San Diego. My bucket list just got shorter.


Was it worth it?




Spectre and Meltdown:

More Patches to Come for IBM i

— Take Steps to Protect Your Systems Until Then —

Spectre MeltdownThe ubiquitous, hardware-related Spectre and Meltdown security flaws surprised many in the IBM i community.


Who would have thought that the IBM i platform is just as susceptible to these bugs as nearly every other platform?!?!


Not so surprising is IBM's lack of transparency regarding these flaws. This has left most customers wondering whether their
IBM i systems are affected and when they'll be fixed.


IBM has already released two sets of patches for the IBM i. Given the fundamental nature of these flaws (hardware), I think we should expect to see more patches rolled out over time; perhaps many more over a long period of time.


This post covers a few things you can do to protect your system until IBM has rolled out all patches required to address the security issues.




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Virtual CISO Service

"Fractional" CISO services are a practical way for small to mid-sized organizations to stay on top of complex IT security requirements. If you don't have a CISO, check out the Botz TeamSecurity Virtual CISO service. Take a proactive stance on securing your systems and never again face audits or new compliance mandates alone.
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How & Why the Cybersecurity Landscape Is Changing

The author says new report from Cisco should concern enterprise security leaders. Adversaries are getting smarter, creating more damage, and have more tools available to them. The author also shares recommendations for how to begin to counter these changes in adversaries and behaviors.


Financial Cyber Threat Sharing Group Phished
An employee of the financial industry org tasked with sharing information about cyber attacks (Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center) fell victim to a phishing attack aimed at the financial industry. Anybody else see the irony in this? On the plus side, the organization alerted their members the same day.


GitHub Among Victims of Massive DDoS Attack Wave
The attack leveraged unsecured servers running "Memcached."


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