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Solving information security problems                                 May 2018

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Case Study: SSO for iPads

iPad SSO

May 7, 2018 — If you didn't read the April issue of IBM Systems Magazine, then you missed a great case study about how Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation (AECC) enabled single sign-on for iPad users.


The beauty of it is that they simply tweaked configurations to hook into their existing SSO implementation for a quick—and virtually free—solution.





Application Modernization =

Security Modernization

— A Developer's Guide to Security Considerations
for Modernization Projects —


Security ModernizationThe number of IBM i applications that have been around for decades is truly amazing. It's a testimony to the technology and vision IBM built into the platform.


But that's been a double-edged sword for customers.


Even though the environment in which our applications exist has drastically changed, most application security hasn't evolved with their new environments.


Virtually everything about the security environment in which your "legacy" applications now exist has changed significantly since the applications were first designed and implemented.


Has your application security kept pace?







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Multiple Security Vulner- abilities Reported In IBM i
In April, IBM revealed an array of security vulnerabilities across IBM i middleware components.


Twitter to All Users: Change Your Password Now!
It's sad that my first reaction to this was "Gee, it took longer than I expected for Twitter to have a password exposure."


Top 3 Areas of Weakness for First-Time PCI Audits
An interesting, short read. Spoiler Alert! 1) Encryption key management, 2) Two-factor authentication, 3) System logging.


What Facebook's Cambridge Analytica problem means for your data
Fast read that tells you how to protect your personal info on Facebook—to the extent that's possible.


Hackers Designed a 'Master Key' to Unlock Millions of Hotel Room Doors
Yet another "kinda scary" security story. Direct access to customer data could also be gained by a separate problem with the same software.

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