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Scratch One Bucket List Item!

MS Cyber SecurityWhile my kids were growing up I always told them that there was nothing more valuable than an education. As they were entering college just a couple of years ago, I was reminded that earning a graduate degree was an important item on my bucket list.

Well, in December I completed coursework on a Master of Science degree in Cyber Security Organization and Leadership at the University of San Diego. And just this week I received my diploma!

It was a long 18 months, with only one 6-week break, but it was worth it!

While a lot of work, it was also fun and interesting. The curriculum covered both technical and business aspects of security. We had the opportunity to study topics for which I had only a passing knowledge, such as cyber forensics and executive metrics.

We also covered the fast-emerging field of Cyber Threat Intelligence. This involves using intelligence techniques borrowed from the government and military intelligence field — only the legal aspects, though! The idea is to find evidence of impending or in-progress attacks either before they occur or more quickly once they are mounted. We wrote numerous executive-level papers as well as technical papers on wide range of topics.

I’m looking forward to applying the many lessons I learned to current and future consulting projects.

If your organization is facing security issues, let me know! I’d love to help you effectively and efficiently solve them.

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