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The Best of Botz Security Bytes In 2016

I thought it would be interesting for my first Security Bytes post of 2107 to pull together the most popular posts from 2016 based on number of readers.

As an added attraction, I’ve also included the most popular post in 2016 from a previous year, as well as our 2 most popular posts of all time.


Most Popular of 2016

  1. Active Directory and Authentication in Windows Server 2016
  2. Web Services, SAML & IBM i: A Real-World Implementation
  3. Good News and Bad News — The New Authority Collection Feature in IBM i 7.3
  4. I Told You So! (OR… How to Not Screw Up Security on an IBM i
  5. Stupid IT Security Tricks
    I kind of thought this title would garner a few reads, and it made my point.

Most Popular Older Post In 2016

Here’s the most popular post in 2016 that was published prior to 2016.

How to Achieve SSO in a Day — Webcast Q&A  Even though this was posted in October 2014, it still made the top 5 most-read posts in 2016. Its popularity prompted me to create a “living” SSO FAQ document for the Botz & Associates website, which I intend to review and update regularly. Watch for a post on that soon.

Most Popular Posts of ALL TIME

Drum roll please. The most popular Security Bytes post of all time, based on the number of readers, was:

Cool New “Row Column Access Control” Makes Compliance Easier, which was posted in May 2014.

The next closest all-time is the June 2015 post, (Only) What You Need to Know About Kerberos.

The Bottom Line

There you have it — the topics that readers have found the most useful or interesting. It’s not difficult to see that single sign-on and new IBM i security functions dominate the list.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re struggling with anything related to IT security.


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