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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — November 2014




   Solving information security problems                            November 2014

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Things Change: The Case for

Managed SSO

IT = ChangeNovember 5, 2014 — I didn’t come up with the idea for a managed single sign-on (SSO) service. A customer did.


When Botz & Associates started security consulting, only infrequently did companies request help implementing SSO. I always wondered why more companies weren’t using it.


After working with a number of customers over time, the reasons started becoming more apparent. But it still required a customer to ask for ongoing SSO support — or “managed” SSO — before I realized that there were lots of organizations who needed exactly the same service.....





How to Achieve SSO in a Day

SSO Q&AOn October 7th IBM Systems Magazine hosted my webcast, How to Achieve SSO in a Day: Eliminate passwords and be an IT hero.


I was very happy to see the large number of people who registered, attended, and stayed online until the end!


The webcast went a little long and I didn’t get a chance to address all of the questions. This post contains the written questions and my answers to them.


If you’re interested in the webcast you can watch it here.....


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This solution-independent SSO ROI Calculator helps estimate your current costs to manage user IDs/ passwords, the cost of solutions, and the ROI for each solution option.
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Top Security News

Google Expands 2-Factor Authentication
Chrome is 1st browser to introduce support for Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Universal Two-Factor (U2F) Authentication. Must purchase a USB key from a FIDO-ready U2F vendor.

Ex-Employees Say Home Depot Left Data Vulnerable
Claim company was slow to respond to early steps, used outdated software to protect its network, scanned systems with customer data only irregularly.


People are the Biggest Risk
FRSecure Information Security Principal #4: People are the biggest risk, not technology. This one hits the nail on the head!


Do You Know What Apps Your Employees Use?
Many employees use cloud-based apps without IT approval or knowledge. This is a big issue. But there's an even bigger issue. In my experience, IT doesn't even know which employees are using IT supported software. Why would we expect them to know about unsupported software?


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