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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — April 2015



Solving information security problems                                April 2015

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Why Kerberos is Great for SSO


KerberosApril 13, 2015 — I've got good news for you. The best technology for implementing SSO — Kerberos — is something that your organization probably already owns.


If you want to understand why Kerberos is a great technology on which to build your Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, though, we first have to agree on what most organizations hope to achieve through SSO.


I assert that the ultimate business objective of SSO is to reduce the cost of authentication throughout the enterprise.....




What, Me Worry?


Credit Card Theft

It may surprise a few people, but I’m just not worried about my credit card being stolen. In fact, I refuse to worry about it.


That may sound like heresy for someone who is supposed to know a little bit about information security.


Yes, my wife and I shop at Target and Home Depot and TJMaxx, all of whom have had major, highly-publicized security breaches involving stolen credit card information. We shop in person and online at numerous additional retailers, most of whom......




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Practical SSO

In A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On, Patrick Botz explains how you can quickly reduce password costs when you approach SSO from a business perspective rather than a technology perspective.
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Top Security News

Brian Eno on bizzare instruments. 
Not security related, but I found this piece on the role of technology in music interesting and entertaining; especially the quote "technology is the name we give things that don't work yet."



The Company Securing Your Internet has Close Ties to Russian Spies
Very interesting article about changes in personnel at the Moscow-based Kapersky Lab security software vendor and its ties to Russian military and intelligence officials.



PCI SSC Bulletin on Impending Revisions to

It says that "no version of SSL meets the PCI SSC's definition of 'strong cryptography.'" Presumably TLS is acceptable but it is not explicitly stated.



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