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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — August 2015



Solving information security problems                               August 2015

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Tip on Configuring HA Systems

for Single Sign-On


HA for SSOAugust 10, 2015 — It is not uncommon for us to configure a customer’s high availability system for single sign-on.


Recently, though, two different customers called me after a role swap saying that SSO was not working. I had worked with both customers prior to their role swaps to ensure that their HA systems were properly configured and that SSO would continue to work after the role swap.


Both companies had done the necessary setup required prior to role swap. This entailed three......




Don't Miss Out on Your SSO stat!

Support Benefits


SSO stat!

Our managed SSO service,
SSO stat!, includes much more than just SSO implementation and fixing any problems directly related to SSO as soon as they occur.


It also covers consulting for any question or issue related to authentication, as well as periodic status updates – potential changes to your environment, new software packages and new development projects.


Essentially, it includes anything that might directly or indirectly impact SSO or authentication in general. Need some examples?




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This 1-hour on-demand webinar explains how to integrate authentication across applications and environments — Windows, IBM i, Unix, Linux, Apache, WAS — using a fresh "Managed Services" approach that brings single sign-on within easy reach of nearly any organization.

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Worth a Read


IBM Patches More OpenSSL Flaws in IBM i
Discusses a number of patches IBM released last week to address 8 recently discovered flaws in OpenSSL. IBM i shops are encouraged to apply the patches ASAP.


Inside the $100M 'Business Club' Crime Gang
An interesting overview of a report by Fox-IT, a Dutch security firm that apparently accessed a server used by a member of the self-appointed 'Business Club.' The core group consisted of members with different cybercrime specialties. Fascinating and chilling at the same time.


Inside the Aftermath Of The Saudi Aramco Breach
Three years ago 35,000 computers owned by Saudi Aramaco were wiped by malware. This is the story of a consultant brought in to set up a security operation after the attack. Interesting reading.


Kreb's 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety
These rules from 2011 are kind of cool in their simplicity and still valid today.



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