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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — December 2016



Solving information security problems                          December 2016

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Top 5 Year-End Security Tasks


December 7, 2016 — You may have noticed that I often recommend that folks just get started doing a little something to address information security.


Here we are, nearing the end of another year — a year with a record number of breaches. It's the right time to take a few steps to secure your system.


In that spirit, this month we’ll discuss the most important security tasks that you can realistically accomplish by the end of the year.


Each task provides immediate value or represents a baseline of information that will be useful the next time you.......





How to Estimate the Business


Impact of a Breach


Cost of a Breach

Before you can advise your management how much time and money you should spend on securing information assets, you need to know a few things.


  1. What information assets you need to protect
  2. How much is each worth to your company
  3. The risk of each asset being breached 


If your organization doesn’t have this information, you can quickly estimate the value and risk for each asset using the qualitative approach outlined in this post.


This approach will result in a matrix that helps management easily ascertain the most critical risks to your business.....





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IBM i Security Priorities for 2017 
This on-demand webinar outlines the top actions you can take to proactively keep your digital assets safe in an increasingly interconnected world.
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Windows Malware Infections Spiked 106% From Black Friday To Cyber Monday
Is this really that surprising? PC infections over Thanksgiving weekend jumped 106% above normal. Infections peaked on Cyber Monday at 118% higher than normal. Last year they peaked at 84% above normal.


San Francisco Transit Agency Earns Praise For Denying Ransom Request
The Good News: the agency didn't give in to the hackers.
The Bad News:They were not doing enough to protect against the attack and, more importantly, apparently didn't have an incident response plan in place. They couldn't recover their ticketing kiosks, so they had to give out free rides all weekend. See the next item for a bit of cheer.


San Francisco Rail System Hacker Hacked
A security researcher successfully hacked the San Fran Transit hacker's inbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Yes! The attacker appears to access his/her inbox from IP addresses in Iran. The contact number associated with the account originates from Russia. Logs on the attack server listed the IP address / URL of each victimized server plus hacked credentials and notes on each. I only hope that the researcher encrypted all of the data on the attacker server!

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