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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — March 2017



Solving information security problems                              March 2017

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How to Configure Apple iPad

for SSO


SSO for iPads!

March 13, 2017 — Recently a customer told me that some of their users access the IBM i internally with iPads through the Safari browser talking to the Apache Web server.



Even though the Web server application is configured to accept Kerberos, the iPad users were still being prompted for their IBM i userID and password.


The customer asked if I could help them enable SSO on the users’ iPads.


The answer was YES! iPads can support SSO, and it’s......






SHA-1 Hash Algorithm “SHAttered”

SHA-1 SHATTERED!On February 23, 2017, Google announced they had successfully exploited a known vulnerability in the widely-used SHA-1 hash algorithm.


Due to this announcement, your organization should now make it a priority to move to SHA-1 alternatives.


This is important because hash algorithms are used to create digital signatures.


Digital signatures are the basis for two important things......






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9 Phishing Lures that Could Hijack your 2017 Tax Refund
Just in time for the tax season. The bad guys are at it again. See some of this year's scams.


Why Printers Still Pose a Security Threat
Something most of us might not think about -- networked printers. Flaws are still being found in major manufacturers' products.


Payments Giant Verifone Investigating Breach
Verifone provides debit and credit card point-of-sale solutions a huge number of customers. Apparently, at the end of January they "saw evidence of a limited intrusion." They sent an urgent email to all employees giving them 24 hours to change their passwords. The email suggested that, at least prior to the intrusion, " all employees were free to install or remove software at will." Unfortunately, that's not all that surprising.


132 Google Play apps tried to infect Android users with...Windows malware.
Wha...? How did that happen? No clear answer, but this article covers some of the theories.


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