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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — January 2015




   Solving information security problems                           January 2015

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How to Calculate ROI for a Single


Sign-On Project


Calculate ROIJanuary 20, 2015 — So you’re interested in implementing single sign-on. You know that everybody, including management, will love it.


But that doesn’t mean that management will give you a blank check to implement it.


Like any security project, they expect you to make a business case for SSO.


Several years ago I engaged the services of an MBA to help me build a management-worthy ROI calculator for single sign-on projects. I wanted to make sure that all of the assumptions and formulas would stand up to the scrutiny of even the most .....




Calculating the Real Cost of


Security Projects


Hidden CostsInformation security is first and foremost a business issue.


As IT professionals, we need to analyze the merits of any security project based on how much the investment will benefit the organization.


To perform this analysis, you need to determine the size of the investment — in terms of monetary cost — and the amount of time for the investment to pay for.....




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RCAC & Compliance

Revisit one of our most popular blog posts from 2014 — Cool New "Row Column Access Control" Makes Compliance Easier.
Read about RCAC...


Top Security News


N.S.A. Tapped Into North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack 
I wondered if this wasn't the case when non-NSA experts were questioning whether the attack was North Korean based. I figured the government must have had other evidence that it couldn't or wouldn't make public. This article seems to suggest that may have been the case. 

CryptoWall: Don't Let the Bad Guys Encrypt Your Data
You may have heard about malware or ransomware that encrypts your computer disk and then forces you to pay money to get it unencrypted. This is a concise article with a couple of useful tips to help you avoid being a victim.

The World's Oldest 'Computer' is Even Older
The Antikythera Mechanism is apparently even older than first thought.

Research Shows CISOs Gaining Influence Even as Challenges Mount
Story about IBM's third annual CISO Assessment. The results aren't that surprising given the number and size of breaches last year alone. But the data is still interesting. 


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