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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — January 2016



Solving information security problems                            January 2016

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Web Services, SAML & IBMi:

A Real-World Implementation


SAML AuthenticationFebruary 8, 2016 — I recently had the opportunity to help a customer implement a web services interface that relied on SAML for authentication. Doing so provided a couple of insights that I found interesting.


The project was a web service API for a company in the health care industry.


The web service interface was implemented in a WebSphere Application Server (WAS). The web service accessed data from a database that happened to be hosted on an IBM i.....




Active Directory & Authentication in

Windows Server 2016



We’ve been hearing about Windows Server 2016 for a while now. It’s time to see what Microsoft is doing with respect to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and authentication enhancements.


It’s obvious that Microsoft is more focused on web- and cloud-based environments than on intranet environments. No surprise there.


It’s a bit of a good news/bad news story, really.....





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FTC: Tax Fraud Behind 47% Spike in ID Theft
Interesting statistics from the FTC. Criminals steal identities to get other people's tax refunds. The article has links to government identity theft reporting sites plus info about what to do if you're a victim of identity fraud.


IT Security and the Normalization of Deviance
This summary of an article by Ron Rapp explores the idea that the longer deviance from rules/process continues, the more likely people will no longer consider it deviant. It caught my eye because it lists a couple of statements that indicate that normalization of deviance is occurring in an organization. Things like "it takes too long to get prior approval," etc.


Good Riddance to Oracle's Java Plugin
The next major version of Java will no longer plug directly into web browsers, one of the major enablers of "drive-by" download attacks that rely on outdated Java plugins. Unfortunately, many legitimate sites depend on the Java plugin.This article gives more details on how to prepare for this change.


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