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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — July 2015



Solving information security problems                                July 2015

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Security Policies vs. Security



Security Policy

Does your company have a security policy? You may be surprised!


If your security documentation consists primarily of settings for system security values, your most important business assets may be at risk. 


I recently wrote a tip for IT Jungle that highlights the important difference between security policy and security procedures to encourage a more strategic — and therefore effective — approach to enterprise security.....




Authority and Privilege: What’s the



Authority vs. PrivilegeIn IT shops we throw around the term “privilege” a lot. For example, we talk about how to use the sudo command to attain “root privilege” for executing a command or commands.


We also talk about authority and authorization to this or that.


Aren’t authority and privilege the same thing? 


Why do we use different terms?


This article on helps you understand the difference and make it easier to manage your AIX system......




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2 Security Must-Haves for Modern IBM i Environments. 
Security experts Patrick Townsend and Patrick Botz joined forces last week to discuss 2 tips to simplify security in increasingly diverse IBM i environments — SSO and system logging.
View the recording here...


Worth a Read

Adobe, MS, Oracle Push Critical Security Fixes
The day before yesterday was Patch Tuesday. But it’s not just Microsoft Windows users who need to update ASAP. Adobe and Oracle also issued critical patches for Flash Player and Java.


Inside A Vicious DDoS Attack
What's it really like to fend off a relentless distributed denial-of-service attack? Find out from Anthony Lye, who led his company through that nightmare in May of 2015.


iTalk with Tuohy: Pat Botz on Developers' Roles...and Pranks
In this podcast, Paul Tuohy talks to security expert Pat Botz about the challenges of building security-compliant applications, and where security responsibilities lie. Then he asks about one of Pat's favorite pranks.

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