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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — July/August 2016



Solving information security problems                          July/August 2016

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Stupid IT Security Tricks


Stupid Security Tricks

July 19, 2016 — The other day I was thinking about how I miss David Lettermen’s “Stupid Human” and “Stupid Pet Tricks” segments.



Then I got to thinking about some of the bad security habits I continue to run into at IT shops.


It occurred to me that humans don’t restrict their stupid tricks to entertaining each other. We employ them in nearly every aspect of our lives.


So – you guessed it – I started my own list of “Stupid IT Security Tricks”......




IBM i Encryption with FIELDPROC:

Protecting Data at Rest


Townsend Security eBook

An eBook Review


If you want a good introduction to FIELDPROC encryption, check out this new eBook from Townsend Security.


IBM i Encryption with FieldProc: Protecting Data at Rest provides useful information about FIELDPROC exit point architecture and the kinds of features and limitations to look for in any FIELDPROC-based encryption product.


Getting encryption right — especially the key management part — is a much more complex.....




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The Most Important Security Question We Can't Seem to Answer
“What is your organization’s sensitive data, and where is it?” A much tougher question than you think. I use the NIST-recommended Risk Management Framework as a guide. But more on that later. First, the issue.


Malvertising and ransomware:
The Bonnie and Clyde of advanced threats

Interesting article on how some advertising networks fail to vet advertisers, allowing bad actors to use "malvertising" to slip malware onto your system from a trusted site.


What Security Really Looks Like In Small to Midsized Businesses
A 7-page slide show with interesting statistics showing the difference between how many businesses view their security posture vs. how external assessors view those same businesses.


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