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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — June 2015



Solving information security problems                                June 2015

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(Only) What You Need to Know

About the Kerberos Protocol

Kerberos ProtocolJune 15, 2015 — Kerberos greatly simplifies password management, but understanding it is anything but simple. Most people find themselves dragged into depths of detail that leaves their heads spinning.


This article will help you understand the Kerberos protocol from the 10,000-foot level, just enough to help you debug Kerberos authentication problems without causing undue brain drain.


We’ll start with some of the design goals of the Kerberos protocol as well as a few useful definitions, then move to a high-level overview of the part of the protocol used by a client to authenticate a user to an interface running on a remote system.....




Current Job User is the Correct

Job User

User Profile

I recently wrote a tip for IT Jungle that admonishes programmers to stop assuming that the “job user name” is the same user profile under which a job is currently executing.


The article provided examples of how to retrieve the current user profile in CL and using system APIs.


Well, I received several comments and questions from readers asking why I didn’t mention the RPG ILE Program Status Data Structure (PSDS).....




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Worth a Read


United's Bug Bounty Doesn't Include In-Flight Systems
United may be the first airline to pay people to find bugs found in its websites, but it won't accept bugs in its onboard wi-fi systems.


Brain's Reaction to Certain Words Could Replace Passwords
Dubbed "brain biometrics," participants read a list of acronyms. Researchers found that participants' brains reacted differently enough to each that a computer could identify individuals 94% of the time. Not good enough for IT solutions, but perhaps for physical security.


3 Reasons to be Wary of the Internet of Things
Written from the perspective of the IT Shop.


Long-Range Iris Scanning Is Here
Claims can read an iris from "across the room" accurately enough to identify someone. It'll probably be awhile, if ever, before we see something like this in IT Shops.



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