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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — March 2015



Solving information security problems                                March 2015

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Howdy Partner! The Role of

Developers in IT Security


March 25, 2015 — Hey everyone! Starting this month I’ll be writing a monthly article for IBM Systems Magazine’s EXTRA online newsletter.


Check out the March installment — Howdy, Partner! The Role of Application Developers in IT Security — for a look at how admins and developers can collaborate to improve security AND make it easier to manage.


For those of you not already subscribed to the EXTRA online newsletter, you’ll be able to read those articles through links available in this newsletter and on my blog.......




The Enemies of Data Security:

Is This You?

Convenience Trap

I recently read an article called The Enemies of Data Security: Convenience and Collaboration, posted by Carl S. Young on the Harvard Business Review website.


My experience with academic papers on information security is that most of them don’t deal with real world problems. 


However, this short, interesting post succinctly articulates several ideas that are very relevant to business.


In fact, I bet some of the examples I describe below sound like your shop. 




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Top Security News


Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them 
Schneier says that you can't have privacy without security, and most Internet companies – and governments – want to protect your data from everyone except them. As long as we give these entities our private information our privacy will be at risk. He says the only long-term solution has to be technical and political. Not sure I agree that the government can help solve the problem efficiently, but Schneier has done a lot more philosophical thinking about security than I have. 



Data Breach at Anthem Could Impact Millions
Huge data breach definitely impacting lots of people -- including me!



Anthem: The Wrong Lession about Encryption
Some "security experts" have suggested that encryption would not have prevented the Anthem security breach, which was mounted using a phishing scam to get access to privileged credentials. Patrick Townsend refutes those suggestions.

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