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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — May 2015



Solving information security problems                                May 2015

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EIM: Not Just for Breakfast


Enterprise Identity MappingMay 11, 2015 — Recently I wrote an article called Practical Uses for Enterprise Identity Mapping that appeared in IBM Systems Magazine's AIX Extra online newsletter. It described ways to use EIM to solve problems that are unrelated to Single Sign-On (SSO).


More recently, I discovered that another IBM i ISV had added support for SSO to their Web-based application.


I was excited to learn this until I looked at the details.....




Super-Secret Function:

How to Create Application-Defined

Special Authorities

Special Authorities

Not many people realize that IBM i lets you define your own ad-hoc or application-defined special authorities.


That’s not so surprising considering that neither the name of the mechanism nor the documentation says anything about special authorities.


So what mechanism is used to implement these special authorities?......





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Worth a Read

SWAT Raid on Wrong House Based on Wi-Fi IP Address
This interesting opinion piece explores whether or not this type of raid is constitutional, and it also raises a strong incentive for password-protecting home wireless networks.



3 Ways Attackers Will Own Your SAP
SAP vulnerabilities that have been highlighted for years are now becoming attackers' favorite means of breaking into enterprises.



Beginning Of The End For Patch Tuesday
Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft will introduce Windows Update for Business, issuing patches as they're available, instead of once a month.



Cybersecurity: Don’t Bank On It With 3rd Parties
Not knowing that a contractor's employee had access to system passwords is not a valid excuse when your client's records are stolen.


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