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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — May 2016



Solving information security problems                               May 2016

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Noteworthy Changes in PCI DSS 3.2


PCI DDS 3.2May 10, 2016 — At the end of April, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council released version 3.2 of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).


A couple changes are noteworthy, although many were just incremental or for clarification purposes.


The first relates to Multi-Factor Authentication.


In version 3.1 of the standard, requirement 8.3 mandated the use of “two-factor authentication for all remote access......




Security’s Little Shop of Horrors


The Threat in the Seedling

How to Recognize the Threat in the Seedling


You regularly read news of security breaches, right? So why are all these businesses – large and small – getting hacked, cracked, and/or extorted by ransomware?


It’s really not much of mystery. It’s a natural result of how organizations tend to view and manage – or should I say mis-manage – security over time.


You can help your organization recover from security mismanagement and protect its IT assets if you understand how your current security practices came to be and how they open your system to serious security threats......




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Crooks Grab W-2s from Credit Bureau Equifax
ADP also acknowledged a similar incident that affected employees at US bank and at least 11 other organizations including Northwestern, Stanford University and Kroger Foods.


6 Shocking Intellectual Property Breaches
It's not just PCI and personal data that is sensitive.
Coke: files related to an attempted $2.4 billion acquisition.
DOD/Lockheed Martin: information about the next generation F-35 fighter.
RSA: Details about the innards of the SecureID token processing that lead to the reissue of 44 million fobs.  



How Pwnedlist Got Pwned contains a huge list of known-to-have-been-stolen userIDs and passwords. Anyone can use it to check for their userID(s). They make money by selling a live feed to companies. Ironically, itself was recently pwned by attackers who had access to all 866 million account credentials.

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