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Botz Security Bytes Newsletter — September 2016



Solving information security problems                          September 2016

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The Rise of “Fractional” CISO



Or… Why Your Mid-Sized Business is Suddenly Facing BIG Security Risks


Covert BreachSeptember 12, 2016 — An interesting thing is happening in IT security.


Recent changes in the very nature of security breaches has spawned a whole new service segment — the “virtual” or “fractional” Chief Information Security Officer.


Think your company is too small to worry about being targeted? Think again!


There are a number of reasons that small to mid-sized companies now need.....




BAI’s New TeamSecurity Service.

Why Now?


TeamSecurity Partnership

We will soon officially announce a new set of "fractional" security services called TeamSecurity.


TeamSecurity will offer three service levels whereby the BAI team partners with your IT team to varying degrees to help you manage your security at a much lower cost than hiring that expertise full time. 


All three levels of TeamSecurity provide an Annual Risk Assessment plus ongoing monitoring of critical IBM i.....




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Virtual CISO 
Fractional CISO services are a practical way for small to mid-sized organizations to stay on top of complex IT security requirements. For networks that include IBM i servers, you can't beat the Botz TeamSecurity Virtual CISO service.
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Israeli Online Attack Service 'vDOS' Earned $600,000 in Two Years
Interesting bit on a service responsible for a majority of the DDoS attacks in the last few years itself being hacked.


Inside ‘The Attack That Almost Broke the Internet’
Story about what happened in March 2013 when a bunch of spammers collectively went after an anti-spam organization.


White House Names First Federal CISO
White House says role will be "to ensure effective implementation of cyber strategies and practices across federal agencies." It's about time. I wonder why it took them this long?


FBI Official Explains What To Do In a Ransomware Attack
He says you should refuse to pay and immediately contact the FBI or file a complaint on the government site Statements made as part of the FTC's Fall Technology Series.



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