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SSO Services

As the father of Single Sign-On for the IBM i (AS/400) platform, and founder of the IBM Lab Services Security Consulting team, Patrick Botz understands the requirements and nuances of implementing SSO in many different types of business environments — especially those containing IBM i, AIX, Unix and/or Linux systems.

In addition to having exceptional technical depth in password management and biometric techniques, Botz & Associates brings a unique business focus to each of the specialties listed below, ensuring that their proposed technical solutions meet the business need AND make financial sense.

SSO Specialties

    • Password Management

      A free 1-hour consultation helps you determine the best type (not brand!) of SSO for your environment and shows you a vendor-independent way to calculate ROI for different solutions.

    • Biometrics

      Advances in biometrics technology and sensor production have made this once-futuristic method of authentication a cost-effective and practical alternative for many businesses.

    • SSO stat!  Service

      This service eliminates up to 80% of most companies’ password management costs within 1 day – using technology you already own – with positive ROI typically achieved in 4- 12 months.

    • Single Sign-on FAQ

      We often get questions regarding the technical aspects of single sign-on for IBM i, AIX and LINUX, and the best ways to implement it. Here are some of the most common. 




Patrick Botz teaches you how to cut through the technological complexity and take a sensible business approach to SSO in A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On.

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Free SSO ROI Calculator

Download the Botz SSO ROI Calculator to get a more precise, independent estimate of SSO's payback period and long-term ROI for your organization.

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On-Demand SSO Webinar

Watch SSO in a Day with Patrick Botz to learn how you can get SSO implemented quickly in your organization.

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SSO Podcast with Patrick Townsend

Patrick Townsend of Townsend Security talks with Patrick Botz about how to simplify SSO.

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