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SSO Stat! — Single Sign-On Service

Single Sign-On in One Day

Requires no software, no in-house expertise

Most organizations steadily bleed profit from the bottom line due to outdated password management techniques, unable to achieve Single Sign-On due to its complexity and perceived cost.

Botz & Associates’ SSO stat! service eliminates up to 80% of most organizations’ password management costs within 1 day — using technology you already own — with positive ROI typically achieved in 4- 12 months!

We can help you quickly diagnose the severity of your password management condition and determine whether your organization is a good candidate for SSO stat!

The SSO stat! service includes:

  1. 1-day implementation of SSO between Windows-based workstations and AIX, IBM i, Unix and Linux systems
  2. Hands-on implementation training with an experienced SSO expert
  3. On-going tech support to proactively address issues introduced by OS or application updates.


Patrick Botz teaches you how to cut through the technological complexity and take a sensible business approach to SSO in A Guide to Practical Single Sign-On.

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Free SSO ROI Calculator

Download the Botz SSO ROI Calculator to get a more precise, independent estimate of SSO's payback period and long-term ROI for your organization.

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On-Demand SSO Webinar

Watch SSO in a Day with Patrick Botz to learn how you can get SSO implemented quickly in your organization.

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SSO stat! Base Package

1)  SSO implementation between Windows-based workstations and up to 4 instances of an IBM i server, or up to 2 instances of another server type (MAC OS, AIX, UNIX, Linux)

2)  Enablement of up to 500 users.

3)  Ongoing tech support to address issues introduced by application or OS updates.

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