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SSO stat! Expansion Packs

Once our SSO specialists receive some basic information regarding your specific computing environment, they can tell you exactly which of your systems and/or applications can be SSO-enabled using the base SSO stat! package.

Occasionally we find that our basic SSO stat! service will not address all of an organization’s single sign-on needs. For those organizations, Botz & Associates offers several Expansion Packs designed to handle some of the more common applications or situations that require special attention.

The following SSO stat! Expansion Pack services are available to extend your SSO implementation to other areas of your IT environment.

1.   Additional Servers

Enable Kerberos authentication for IBM i, MAC OS, UNIX, AIX and/or Linux server instances not covered by the base SSO stat! package.

2.    Apache Web Server Applications

Enable Apache Web Server applications for Kerberos authentication.

3.      SS0-Related Programming Services

Enable additional applications for Kerberos authentication or automate administration functions.

4.      High Availability for SSO

Configure SSO for high availability requirements.

5.      Integrated Windows Domain and IBM i

Enhanced configuration for clients who want to minimize potential issues with Windows auditors.

6.      WebSphere Application Server Applications

Enable WAS applications for Kerberos authentication.

Regardless of the complexity of your environment, the SSO experts at Botz & Associates can help you quickly identify and implement the most appropriate SSO solution.

Contact us to see how rewarding SSO can be in your environment.


SSO stat! Base Package

1)  SSO implementation between Windows-based workstations and up to 4 instances of an IBM i server, or up to 2 instances of another server type (MAC OS, AIX, UNIX, Linux)

2)  Enablement of up to 500 users.

3)  Ongoing tech support to address issues introduced by application or OS updates.

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