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Myth-busting single sign-on

I’m psyched that one of my own security idols, Carol Woodbury, has asked me to squash some common Single Sign-On FUD* for once and for all as guest host onher popular “Coffee with Carol” webcast series next week. Gladly!  

The problem is that Single Sign-On is a phrase that everyone uses as if it’s a single thing, but it actually means different things to different people. This leads to invalid assumptions, confusion and often failure to gain approval for SSO implementation projects. It just gets in the way of moving forward.

So I’m going to explain the top 5 misconceptions associated with SSO, why they aren’t true, and how to debunk them for good so you can confidently achieve SSO.

Goodbye to *fear, uncertainty and doubt — that’s the goal. Get the details and register here.


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